The Koala Diet: What Do Koalas Eat?

If you’re curious about what Koalas eat, you’re not alone. These cute, furry creatures are fascinating animals, and their diet is an essential part of their lives. In this blog post, we’ll explore the Koala diet, including their food preferences, nutritional needs, and how they have adapted to digest the eucalyptus leaves that make up the bulk of their diet.

What do Koalas eat?

Koalas are herbivores, which means they only eat plants. The vast majority of their diet consists of eucalyptus leaves, which are high in fiber and low in nutrients. Eucalyptus leaves are also toxic to most other animals, but Koalas have evolved to tolerate the chemicals in the leaves and extract the nutrients they need.

Koalas are very selective eaters, and they will only eat specific species of eucalyptus leaves, which vary depending on where they live. In some areas, Koalas may eat the leaves of up to 30 different eucalyptus species, while in other areas, they may only eat one or two. This selective eating helps Koalas avoid consuming toxic leaves and ensures they get the right nutrients from their food.

Apart from eucalyptus leaves, Koalas may also eat small amounts of bark, flowers, and fruit. These additional food sources help provide variety in their diet and may offer some additional nutrients.

How do Koalas digest eucalyptus leaves?

Eucalyptus leaves are tough and fibrous, making them difficult to digest. Koalas have evolved a unique digestive system to break down these leaves and extract the nutrients they need. Koalas have a longer small intestine than most other marsupials, which helps them absorb more nutrients from their food. They also have a special bacteria in their stomachs that breaks down the eucalyptus leaves’ toxins, allowing the Koalas to digest the leaves safely.

Despite these adaptations, Koalas still need to conserve energy and limit their activity to conserve energy, as digesting eucalyptus leaves requires a lot of energy.


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In conclusion, the Koala’s diet is unique and fascinating, with eucalyptus leaves making up the vast majority of their food. Koalas have adapted to digest the tough and toxic leaves and have evolved to be very selective eaters. Understanding the Koala’s diet is essential to protect their habitat and ensure their survival in the wild.

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